Oliver Commercial 154LB Undercounter Nugget Ice Machine Maker IM155N
21″w x 22″d x 38″h
$149/Month to Lease to Own *
$2,499 to Buy
Product Details

Introducing the Oliver Commercial 154LB Undercounter Nugget Ice Machine Maker IM155N—an innovative solution designed to redefine your ice experience. With dimensions of 21”w x 22”d x 38”h, this compact powerhouse fits seamlessly under the counter, bringing the joy of soft, chewable nugget ice to your establishment.

Measuring at 21”w x 22”d x 38”h, the Oliver IM155N is the perfect undercounter companion, efficiently utilizing space while delivering a delightful ice experience.

Irresistible Nugget Ice:
Indulge your customers with the charm of soft, chewable nugget ice. The IM155N transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary, elevating beverage experiences in restaurants, bars, and various commercial settings.

Efficient Performance:
Operating at 120 Volts and drawing only 3 Amps, this machine produces 154 pounds of nugget ice, ensuring a consistent supply to meet your demand. The 44LB internal ice bin storage provides ample space to keep the nugget ice flowing.

Air Cooled Reliability:
Engineered for reliability, the IM155N is air-cooled, maintaining optimal performance even during peak usage. Trust Oliver Commercial to deliver a machine that stands up to the rigors of commercial environments.

Sanitary and Certified:
ETL Sanitation Tested to NSF Standard 7 Requirements, this ice maker meets the highest standards of hygiene and safety, providing peace of mind for both operators and customers.

Flexible Financing Options:
For those considering a lease-to-own option, the Oliver IM155N is available at an affordable monthly rate of $149. Alternatively, purchase outright for $2,499. Our leasing option provides a pathway to ownership while ensuring your immediate access to this remarkable ice-making solution.

Convenient Subscription Option
For added convenience, we offer a monthly subscription rate of $149. This all-inclusive plan covers maintenance and service, offering you peace of mind and uninterrupted ice production. For full details on our subscription service or financing options, please speak with one of our experienced representatives.

Upgrade your ice game with the Oliver Commercial 154LB Undercounter Nugget Ice Machine Maker IM155N. Contact us today to discover how this machine can bring a new level of excitement and satisfaction to your customers’ refreshment experience.

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