Oliver Commercial 161Lb Undercounter Ice Machine Maker IM169FA
26″w x 27″d x 36.25″h
$119 to Lease
$1,399 to Buy
Product Details

Introducing the Oliver Commercial 161LB Undercounter Ice Machine Maker IM169FA – a powerhouse of efficiency and sophistication designed to meet the demanding requirements of commercial ice production. With dimensions measuring 26 inches in width, 27 inches in depth, and standing at a height of 36.25 inches, this undercounter ice machine combines a compact footprint with substantial capacity

Powerful Performance:
Operating at 120 volts and 5.1 amps, the Oliver IM169FA ensures a robust and energy-efficient ice production to meet the high demands of your business.

Ample Ice Storage:
With an 80LB internal ice bin storage, this machine guarantees a steady and substantial supply of ice, ensuring your operations run smoothly.

Durable and Stylish:
The stainless steel exterior not only adds durability to the machine but also brings a touch of modern sophistication to your commercial space.

Precision Control:
The digital controller empowers you with precise management over the ice production process, allowing customization to meet your specific needs.

Easy Maintenance:
The air filter is easily removable for cleaning, ensuring that the machine operates at peak efficiency with minimal effort on your part.

Convenience Included:
An ice scoop is provided for easy and hygienic ice retrieval, enhancing the overall user experience.

Versatile Ice Cube Production:
The Oliver IM169FA produces full dice ice cubes, catering to a variety of applications and preferences.

Reliable Cooling:
With an air-cooled system, this undercounter ice machine guarantees consistent performance, even in demanding environments.

Certified Sanitation:
ETL Sanitation tested to NSF Standard 7 requirements, the Oliver IM169FA assures compliance with the highest industry standards for sanitation and hygiene.

For a comprehensive understanding of the features and benefits of the Oliver IM169FA, we encourage you to speak with one of our knowledgeable representatives. They are available to provide you with full details, answer any questions you may have, and guide you through the capabilities of this exceptional undercounter ice machine. Elevate your ice production capabilities with confidence – choose the Oliver Commercial 161LB Undercounter Ice Machine Maker IM169FA. Please speak with a representative today for a personalized consultation and to unlock the full potential of this reliable and efficient ice maker.

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