Oliver Commercial Triple Door Reach In Refrigerator Cooler M82R

78″w x 33″d x 82.5″h

$2,699 To Buy
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Introducing the Oliver Commercial Triple Door Reach-In Refrigerator Cooler M82R, a powerhouse of refrigeration capability designed to elevate the efficiency and reliability of your commercial kitchen. With its robust features and innovative design, this refrigerator cooler ensures optimal preservation of your perishable goods while streamlining your kitchen operations.

With a spacious 69 cubic foot storage capacity, the Oliver Triple Door Reach-In Refrigerator Cooler M82R provides ample space to store your inventory, keeping it organized and easily accessible. The triple door configuration allows for efficient access to your goods, maximizing workflow during busy service periods.

Powered by a 120-volt system drawing 9 Amps, this refrigerator cooler boasts a powerful 3/4 HP Embraco compressor, ensuring consistent and reliable cooling performance. The temperature range of 33 to 41 degrees Fahrenheit is maintained by an electronic thermostat, with a digital LED display for precise temperature monitoring and control.

Equipped with 12 sturdy shelves, including 9 adjustable ones, the interior layout can be customized to accommodate items of various sizes and shapes. The stainless steel interior and exterior ensure durability, ease of cleaning, and a professional aesthetic.

The self-closing doors with replaceable magnetic door gaskets ensure a tight seal, preserving the integrity of your stored goods and enhancing energy efficiency. Additionally, heating elements in the door frames eliminate condensation buildup, maintaining optimal storage conditions.

For added convenience, this refrigerator cooler comes with a 10-foot electrical cord for flexible placement within your kitchen space. It is ETL Sanitation tested to NSF Standard 7 requirements, guaranteeing compliance with food storage safety standards.

Available for purchase at $2,699, or through a monthly subscription service at $259 a month, the Oliver Commercial Triple Door Reach-In Refrigerator Cooler M82R offers exceptional value and performance. For more information and full details, please speak with one of our representatives who will be happy to assist you in optimizing your refrigeration needs. Elevate your kitchen’s refrigeration capabilities today with the Oliver Triple Door Reach-In Refrigerator Cooler M82R.

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