Oliver 50″ Novelty Glass Curve Top Commercial Ice Cream Freezer Chest XS346Y
50″w x 25″d x 36″h
$599 to Buy
Product Details

Introducing the Oliver 50″ Commercial Novelty Glass Curve Top Ice Cream Freezer Chest XS346Y – a versatile and stylish solution for showcasing frozen delights in your establishment. With its spacious design and innovative features, this ice cream freezer is tailored to enhance both the visibility and preservation of your frozen treats.

With a generous size of 50″w x 25″d x 36″h, the XS346Y provides ample space to display a wide variety of frozen treats.

Operates efficiently at 115 volts, ensuring optimal performance and energy efficiency.

Temperature Control:
Boasting a temperature range from -18°F to 0°F, this freezer maintains the perfect conditions for preserving the quality of your frozen products.

Graphics and Color:
The unit comes in a crisp white color, providing a clean and neutral backdrop for your frozen treats. Please note that the graphics in the picture are not included.

Curvature Design:
The uniquely curved glass top is designed for maximum visibility, allowing customers to easily view and select their favorite frozen items.

Copper Defrost Tube:
Featuring a copper defrost tube around the top frame, this freezer ensures efficient defrosting, contributing to its overall performance.

Baskets and Dividers:
Equipped with 5 standard baskets, each with 2 dividers, providing organized and customizable storage for your various frozen products. Each basket also comes with 4 casters for convenient mobility.

Security Features:
The freezer comes with a lock and key, offering added security for your valuable frozen inventory.

Low E Toughened Glass Lid:
The unit is equipped with a low emissivity (Low E) toughened glass lid, enhancing insulation and reducing energy consumption.

ETL Sanitation Tested:
Certified to meet NSF Standard 7 Requirements for Food Storage, ensuring the highest standards of sanitation and safety.

Priced at $599, the Oliver XS346Y offers an affordable and reliable solution for businesses looking to elevate their frozen treats display. For a detailed understanding of its features and benefits, we encourage you to speak with a representative who will provide you with full details and address any inquiries you may have. Upgrade your frozen goods presentation with the Oliver XS346Y – where functionality meets elegance.

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