Oliver 60” Commercial Undercounter Reach In Refrigerator Cooler UC60F
60”w X 30”d X 35.9”h
$1,599 to Buy
Product Details

Introducing the Oliver 60” Commercial Undercounter Reach In Refrigerator Cooler UC60F – a capacious and efficient cooling solution meticulously designed for the demands of commercial kitchens. Model UC60F is equipped with advanced features to ensure optimal refrigeration conditions for your perishable items.

Spacious Cooling Capacity:
With dimensions of 60”w x 30”d x 35.9”h and a 1/3+ HP Compressor, the UC60F provides expansive refrigeration space, catering to the storage needs of a bustling kitchen.

Double Door Access:
The double doors enhance accessibility, allowing for seamless organization and retrieval of items stored within.

Temperature Precision:
Maintain your products at the ideal refrigeration temperature range of 0 to -8 degrees Fahrenheit. The digital controller ensures accurate temperature management for consistent cooling performance.

Stainless Steel Build:
Crafted with high-quality stainless steel for both the interior and exterior, the UC60F ensures durability, corrosion resistance, and easy cleaning. Create a hygienic and professional environment for your stored goods.

Auto Defrost Feature:
The auto defrost functionality prevents ice buildup, eliminating the need for manual defrosting and ensuring uninterrupted cooling performance.

Equipped with four wheels, including two with brakes, the UC60F offers both mobility and secure positioning, allowing flexibility in your kitchen layout.

Electrical Specifications:
Operating on a standard 120-volt power supply, this refrigerator is compatible with most commercial kitchen setups.

Adjustable Shelving:
The UC60F comes with four shelves, including two adjustable shelves, providing flexibility in organizing and storing items of various sizes.

ETL Sanitation Tested:
Compliant with NSF Standard 7 requirements, this refrigerator has undergone ETL sanitation testing, ensuring it meets the highest standards for food safety and sanitation.

Priced at $1599, the Oliver UC60F is a premium undercounter reach-in refrigerator. For a comprehensive understanding of its features and benefits, we recommend speaking with one of our knowledgeable representatives. Elevate your commercial kitchen with the UC60F – a reliable and capacious cooling solution that seamlessly combines functionality and durability. Please speak with a representative for full details.


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