Oliver Commercial 299Lb Undercounter Ice Machine Maker IM289FA
26”w X 27”d X 36.25”h
$1,999 to Buy
Product Details

Introducing the Oliver Commercial 299Lb Undercounter Ice Machine Maker IM289FA, a powerful and efficient solution for your ice production needs. This high-performance ice maker is designed to deliver a consistent and reliable supply of ice in a compact and undercounter-friendly package.

Measuring at 26”w X 27”d X 36.25”h, the Oliver IM289FA fits seamlessly into your workspace, maximizing utility without sacrificing valuable floor space.

Powerful Performance:
Operating at 120 Volts and drawing 8.6 Amps, this machine churns out a remarkable 299 pounds of ice, ensuring you never run out during peak demand periods. The generous 80-pound internal ice bin and included ice scoop facilitate easy access and efficient ice distribution.

Premium Construction:
Crafted with a durable stainless steel exterior, the Oliver IM289FA not only stands up to the rigors of commercial use but also exudes a sleek and modern aesthetic. The unit is equipped with 6” adjustable legs, providing flexibility in installation and ensuring stability.

Innovative Features:
The digital controller allows for precise and user-friendly operation, while the LED ice bin light enhances visibility, making it easy to monitor ice levels. The removable air filter simplifies maintenance, ensuring optimal performance and longevity.

Sanitary and Certified:
ETL sanitation tested to NSF Standard 7 requirements, this ice maker meets the highest standards of hygiene and safety. You can rely on Oliver Commercial for a product that prioritizes sanitation and quality.

Convenient Subscription Option:
For added convenience, we offer a monthly subscription rate of $129. This inclusive plan covers maintenance and service, providing you with peace of mind and hassle-free operation. For full details on our subscription service, please speak with one of our knowledgeable representatives.

At an affordable purchase price of $1,999, the Oliver Commercial 299Lb Undercounter Ice Machine Maker IM289FA is your go-to solution for dependable ice production in commercial settings. Upgrade your establishment today with the reliability and efficiency of Oliver Commercial.

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