Oliver Commercial 352LB Ice Machine Maker IM359FA Ice Making Head Unit Only
22”w X 24”d X 22.5”h
$1,999 to Buy
Product Details

Introducing the Oliver Commercial 352LB Ice Machine Maker IM359FA, the ultimate solution for your ice-making needs. This powerful ice-making head unit, with dimensions of 22”w X 24”d X 22.5”h, ensures a compact and efficient addition to your commercial space.

Powerful Performance:
Operating at 120 Volts and 9.5 Amps, this ice machine delivers exceptional performance, producing high-quality full dice ice cubes.

Compact Design:
With dimensions of 22”w X 24”d X 22.5”h, this ice machine is designed to fit seamlessly into your space, providing a reliable source of ice without taking up excessive room.

Air Cooled:
The Oliver Commercial Ice Machine is air-cooled, ensuring optimal efficiency in ice production.

ETL Sanitation Tested:
This machine is rigorously tested to meet NSF Standard 7 requirements, guaranteeing the highest standards of sanitation for your business.

No Ice Storage Bin Included:
The machine comes without an ice storage bin, allowing you the flexibility to choose a storage solution that best fits your needs.

$1,999 to Buy

In addition to the outright purchase option, we also offer a convenient Monthly Subscription Service at a rate of $139 a month. This subscription service provides you with added flexibility and peace of mind.

For full details on the Oliver Commercial 352LB Ice Machine Maker and our subscription service, please speak with one of our representatives. Elevate your ice-making experience with Oliver Commercial – where quality meets convenience.

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