Oliver Commercial 990LB Nugget Ice Machine Maker IM1000N Ice Making Head Unit Only
30″w x 25″d x 34″h
$4,999 to Buy
Product Details

Indulge in Irresistible Ice Delights with the Oliver Commercial 990LB Nugget Ice Machine Maker IM1000N

Immerse your business in a world of soft, chewable nugget ice with the Oliver Commercial 990LB Nugget Ice Machine Maker. Standing at 30”w x 25”d x 34”h, this stand-alone ice-making unit guarantees a delightful and consistent supply of nugget ice for your establishment.

Exquisite Capacity
Producing a generous 990 pounds of soft, chewable nugget ice, this Oliver Commercial Ice Machine ensures a continuous and pleasurable ice experience for your customers.

Powerful Performance
Operating at 220 Volts and drawing only 10 Amps, this machine combines power and efficiency for a reliable and energy-conscious ice production process.

No Ice Storage Bin Included
The unit comes without an ice storage bin, providing flexibility in installation and catering to your unique space and storage requirements.

Soft Chewable Nugget Ice
Delight your patrons with the irresistible texture of soft, chewable nugget ice, perfect for a variety of beverages and applications.

Air Cooled
Advanced air cooling technology guarantees optimal performance, efficiently managing heat dissipation for continuous and reliable ice production.

ETL Sanitation Tested
Conforming to NSF Standard 7 Requirements, this ice machine has undergone rigorous testing to ensure the highest sanitation standards, providing peace of mind for your business.

The Oliver Commercial 990LB Nugget Ice Machine Maker IM1000N is available for a one-time purchase at $4,999.

Monthly Subscription Service
For added convenience and ongoing support, we offer a monthly subscription service at a competitive rate of $299. Connect with one of our knowledgeable representatives for comprehensive details on our product and subscription services. Elevate your ice production capabilities with the Oliver Commercial Nugget Ice Machine – where indulgence meets efficiency.

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